Promodel ResinPromodel Resin
Promodel Resin
Promodel Resin
Promodel Resin
Flexural modulus 1162.23Mpa ±10%
Flexural strength  52.48MPa ±10%
Density 1.05—1.28 g/cm3
maximum pulling strength 2473N ±10%
Tensile strength 52.7 MPa ±10%
Elongation at break 12.89% ±10%
Hardness(Shore D) 85-88 D
Notched impact strength 144 j/m ±10%
Viscosity 150-300MPa·s
Tensile modulus 397.96Mpa ±10%
Dental sample application
Dental sample application
ACME Dental Resin is a professional manufacturer of resin for dental applications, with good quality and favorable price, welcome to receive free samples of dental molds!
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