High-speed scanning 0.03 seconds
True color capture
restore color
Support color
Not afraid of black
Technical Parameter
Technical Parameter
Equipment model Archer-W
Range 400mm × 150mm
Dot pitch 0.5mm-0.15mm
accuracy 0.15mm-0.05mm
Applicable scope 100mm-2000mm
Working distance 500mm±30%
sensor ONSEM1 1310000pixel 600fps/8mm Len/TI 1280x800led
Scanning mode/speed Non-contact structured light scanning/0.03s
data processing Global registration/point cloud denoising fusion/lossless meshing/hole filling/curvature sampling
authentication CE/FCCAWEEE/CNAS

Free sample application
Free sample application
AMCE is a professional manufacturer of industrial and application-level 3D printers, which can provide printing samples for free.
Free application
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