Industrial 3D Printer
Industrial SLA 3D Printer
| Main Feature |
Core selling points
  • Matrix parallel<br/>light source
    Matrix parallel
    light source
  • Industrial<br />HD touch screen
    HD touch screen
  • Large format<br />High precision molding
    Large format
    High precision molding
  • Precision Z axis<br />Control system
    Precision Z axis
    Control system
  • Simple and efficient<br />section software
    Simple and efficient
    section software
  • Custom<br />material settings
    material settings
| Print Size |
Large Size
  • H360
    355 nanocrystalline laser
    Small body, large size
    Can enter the building for operation
  • HI600
    ▪ Large size, high precision
    ▪ Meet the needs of large parts or mass production
    ▪ High degree of molding automation
  • HI800
    ▪ Large size, high precision
    ▪ Meet the needs of large parts or mass production
    ▪ High degree of molding automation
Industrial Parts Models
Scanner - Prototype
Precision casting model - impeller
Architectural model
| Independent R&D Technology Innovation |
High Precision Molding
Electronic appliance model - hair dryer
Auto Parts Model - Body Case
Transparent model
| Industrial Part |
Accurate and Stable
  • 355 nanocrystalline laser
    355 nanocrystalline laser
  • High-speed scanning galvanometer
    High-speed scanning galvanometer
  • Motion drive system
    Motion drive system
ACME3D focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and 3D printing industry application solutions of LCD/DLP/SLA 3D printing equipment. Focus on the construction of modern, intelligent and digital industrial manufacturing scenes for 3D printing. Focus on the R&D of technical equipment and technological process in the field of 3D printing.
Graphic interface/quick view/visual progress/full parameter adjustable
7-inch HD touch screen
| Compatible With Multiple Materials |
Suitable for various materials
Rigid/high temperature resistant/flexible/high permeability/ABS/tires/shoes and other performance photosensitive resins
| Technical Parameter |
Product Parameters
Model H360 Hl-600 Hl-800
Appearance dimension 700*860*1720mm 1530*1300*1965mm 1570X1450X2190mm
Weight 330KG 1100KG 1460KG
Power 350W 350W 350W
Laser system        
Number of lasers 1    
Laser type Diode-pumped solid-state laser ND: YVO4    
Laser wavelength 355nm    
Laser power 3W    
Optical scanning system        
Spot diameter 0.12-0.6mm    
Scanning form High-speed galvanometer scanning system    
Part scanning speed Recommended 6m/s    
Part jump speed Recommended 10m/s    
Reference production speed 100-300g/h    
Coating system        
Application method Precise positioning - vacuum adsorption    
Normal layer thickness 0.1mm    
Layer thickness of rapid parts 0.15mm    
Precise manufacturing layer thickness 0.05mm    
Characteristic manufacturing layer thickness 0.05mm-0.15mm    
Resin tank        
Resin tank volume 75kg 230kg 500kg
Maximum forming size 360*360*300mm 600*600*400mm 800*800*500mm
Lifting system        
Basic platform Casting reference table    
Repetitive positioning accuracy ±0.01mm    
Maximum fabricated part weight 10kg 30kg 100kg
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