Handheld 3D ScannerHandheld 3D Scanner
Handheld 3D Scanner
High precision and repeatability,It is mainly used in conceptual design, tooling design, reverse engineering of molds and fixtures, quality control, maintenance and repair and other fields.
Technical Parameter
Technical Parameter
Equipment model H-rayscan 771
Measuring speed 480000 times/second
Scanning area (mm2) 320X250
Laser light source Red/blue (14 cross lasers+1 extra)
Laser category Class ll
Minimum resolution zero point zero five
Wireless computing unit support
accuracy 0.02mm maximum
Volume accuracy 0.02mm+0.03mm/m
Volume accuracy (combined with CoordMeasurement) 0.02mm+0.015mm/m

Product Characteristics
Product Features
  • Industrial 3D Scanner
    Precise optical components can provide high-precision scanning data, Both high detail resolution and high speed measurement
  • Small fuselage,sweeping out big ideas
    High precision, stable repeatability, ergonomics and lightweight equipment design
Free sample application
Free sample application
AMCE is a professional manufacturer of industrial and application-level 3D printers, which can provide printing samples for free.
Free application
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