Jewelry SUNLITE1Jewelry SUNLITE1
Jewelry SUNLITE1
8K dental 3D printer, born for details
Technical Parameter
Technical Parameter
Model R3 PRO (10.1 8K)
Service temperature 10°C ~ 30°C
Relative humidity 30% ~ 90%
Storage temperature 0°C ~ 30°C
Power input 100~240V / AC50~60Hz
Overall power 120W
Print size 218x123x120mm
Print layer thickness 0.025mm~0.1mm
Printing speed Up to 70mm/H (Z axis Max)
Resolving power 7680x4320
Support function One-click automatic generation, editable
File format STL/SCL
Adaptive system Windows 7 and above
Consumable Properties 405nm wavelength photosensitive resin
Machine size 353x341x510mm
Package size 423x408x600mm
Net weight 16kg
Product gross weight 23kg

Sample application
Sample application
R3pro is a professional dental 3D printer, which is widely used in jewelry, gold, silver jewelry, jewelry casting and other fields. Welcome to apply for free samples
Free application
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