jewelry G150neojewelry G150neo
jewelry G150neo
jewelry G150neo
jewelry G150neo
model G150-NEO
technology Texas Instruments DLP
Consumables Compatible with 405 wavelength photosensitive resin
Supported formats STL/SLC
Forming size 144x81x170mm
resolving power 2560*1440
Forming accuracy Horizontal pixel size 55 μ m. Vertical 20 μ m
Layer thickness 0.02-0.1mm
Printing speed 10-30mm/h
light source Imported light source 405nm/385nm
Power Supply DC12V10A
Machine size 305*203*583mm
weight NW:16KG  GW:17KG(including box)
Printing method Support offline printing and USB disk wifi data transmission
Warranty period one year

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