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  • The advantages of the 3DACME industrial SLA 3D printer HI600 are:
What are the advantages of the 3DACME industrial-grade SLA 3D printer HI600?
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The industrial-grade SLA 3D printer is a high-precision, high-speed photopolymerization 3D printing technology. Its feature is to use light sources such as lasers or LEDs to irradiate photosensitive resin, causing it to undergo a curing reaction under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, thus achieving layer-by-layer stacking of parts. Industrial-grade SLA 3D printers typically have high precision, molding speed, and molding size, and can be used to manufacture precision models, tools, molds, handboards, and other applications.

In the molding process of industrial-grade SLA 3D printers, the 3D model is first sliced and processed, and then the photosensitive resin is locally cured by the light source to achieve layer-by-layer stacking of parts. The formulation of photosensitive resin and the selection of light sources will affect the quality of molding, so it needs to be optimized for different application fields. In addition, industrial-grade SLA 3D printers typically have a large modeling area and high-speed molding capabilities, and need to be paired with efficient post-processing equipment such as cleaning machines, UV ovens, etc., to ensure molding quality and production efficiency.

The advantages of the 3DACME industrial SLA 3D printer HI600 are:

  1. High precision: HI600 uses high-precision optical scanning system and advanced light-curing technology to achieve high-precision printing, with a minimum layer thickness of up to 0.01mm.

  2. Large size printing: HI600 has a large printing space, with a maximum printable size of 600mm × 600mm × 400mm, suitable for the manufacturing of large-scale models.

  3. High efficiency: HI600 uses a high-speed galvanometer system to achieve fast scanning and accurate printing, improving production efficiency.

  4. Easy operation: HI600 is equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen interface and intelligent printing control system, simplifying the operation process and improving work efficiency.

  5. High quality: HI600 uses high-quality optical components and printing materials, printing models with high quality, high precision, and smooth surface, meeting various application requirements.

  6. Wide applications: HI600 is suitable for various industries such as prototyping, toys, automotive, creative, electronics, medical, casting, etc., and can be used to manufacture high-precision models and parts with high application value.

In summary, the 3DACME Industrial-grade SLA 3D printers HI600 has significant advantages in the precision and smoothness of printed models, cost control, printing speed, etc., making it suitable for units or enterprises that require product accuracy and quality while controlling costs. If you are looking for an industrial-grade 3D printer or want to use 3D printing technology to solve industrial production problems, you can contact 3DACME, and we will provide you with the corresponding 3D printing digital solutions.

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