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What are the recommended dental 3D printer brands?
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With the continuous development of science and technology, 3D printing technology has begun to be applied to the dental industry, especially in dental treatment. 3D printing technology provides more options and convenience for dental treatment. In this field, there are many well-known brands of dental 3D printers. This article will introduce you to some dental 3D printer brands worth paying attention to, as well as their features and advantages.


Formlabs is a professional 3D printer manufacturer, and its series of dental 3D printers mainly include SLA printers and DLP printers. The company's dental 3D printers feature high precision. However, Formlabs has a relatively high price, high cost of use, slow printing speed, does not support large-scale printing, is easy to block, and has high cost of consumables.


Stratasys is a world-renowned 3D printer manufacturer, and its range of dental 3D printers includes FDM printers and PolyJet printers. The company's dental 3D printer has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, and low cost, and can meet different dental manufacturing needs. However, Stratasys has problems such as expensive equipment, high repair and maintenance costs, limited material selection, slow printing speed, and high technical requirements for users. In addition, Stratasys equipment has large specifications and has high requirements for the place of use. At the same time, its equipment needs to be further improved in terms of ease of use and software functions.


Haixiang is a Chinese manufacturer of 3D printers that are affordable for small and mid-sized dental labs. The company's 3D printers include the HX-Dental400, HX-Dental500 and HX-Dental600, all of which feature high precision and high efficiency.


EnvisionTEC is a leading 3D printer manufacturer, and its series of dental 3D printers mainly include DLP printers and SLA printers. The company's dental 3D printer has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, and high stability, and can manufacture various dental products. But EnvisionTEC's high price tag makes it less affordable for many small businesses or individual users. In addition, due to its focus on high-precision and high-quality applications, its printing speed is relatively slow, and it may take longer to complete the printing job.


ACME is a professional 3D printer manufacturer, providing many high-quality 3D printers used in the dental industry. The company's range of dental 3D printers includes DLP printers and LCD printers to meet different dental manufacturing needs. Among them, the R3pro3D printer is a professional-grade 3D printer with powerful functions, high stability, high precision, and high cost performance. It uses light-curing technology and is suitable for making dental products such as surgical guides, temporary crowns, and cast crowns. Fast printing, high precision, low cost and other advantages.

R3pro adopts 8K10.1-inch monochrome LCD screen and a large printing space of 218mm*123mm*120mm, which can print multiple models at one time to meet the needs of small batch production. Ultra-high resolution of 7680*4320 and high contrast ratio of 380:1, high light transmission performance of 6.2%, service life of up to 2000h, about 6 times higher than that of color screen, single-layer curing time can be shortened by 1~4s, and printing efficiency is significantly improved , to restore the vivid details of the model.

In short, it is very important to choose a dental 3D printer that suits your needs. Whether it is in terms of quality or production efficiency, you should choose excellent brands and products. Hope these recommendations help you find the right dental 3D printer brand.
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