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High-precision SLA 3D printing technology realizes micron-scale printing, bringing new breakthroughs in precision device manufacturing
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ACME is a leading 3D printing solution provider in China. Its SLA 3D printer adopts light curing technology and has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and high efficiency. Its printers can be widely used in prototypes, automobiles, electronic appliances, toys, education, aviation and other fields, providing users with customized, fast and high-quality manufacturing services. At the same time, ACME SLA 3D printer adopts self-developed printing software, which provides users with a more convenient and efficient operation experience.

SLA 3D printer is a 3D printing technology based on the principle of light curing. Its working principle is to irradiate and cure photosensitive resin materials through laser or light beams, and accumulate them layer by layer to form three-dimensional solid objects. SLA 3D printer has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, high quality, and diversified material support, and is widely used in model making, medical treatment, industrial manufacturing and other fields. As a leading company in China's 3D printing industry, ACME provides a variety of excellent SLA 3D printer products, including H360, HI600, HI800, to meet the needs of different industries and application fields.

                                                                          ACME Industrial SLA 3D Printer H360

High precision: H360 adopts a high-precision optical scanning system, which can achieve a layer thickness of up to 0.025mm, and the printed model has a smooth surface and rich details.

Large printing space: The printing space of the H360 is 360mm x 360mm x 300mm, which is suitable for printing large models or mass production of small models, which improves production efficiency.

High efficiency: H360 adopts high-power light source and fast scanning system, which can realize high-speed printing and improve production efficiency.

Large capacity: storage resin trough, using extra-grade thickened stainless steel trough, about 65L (70kg), size: 360*360*300mm, prevents rust, falling off, oxidation, and the equipment is durable.

Small body: The body of the H360 is very small and looks like a refrigerator. It can be easily placed not only in a factory room, but also in other places such as office buildings to meet the needs of different application scenarios and achieve diversified uses.

Stability: H360 uses high-quality materials and components to ensure the stability and durability of the machine and reduce maintenance costs.

Wide compatibility: H360 supports a variety of consumables to meet customers' needs for materials and fully meet the needs of customers from all walks of life for specific materials.

Summary: The industrial-grade light-curing 3D printer H360 is a high-precision, high-efficiency SLA 3D printer launched by ACME. This model adopts advanced technologies such as high-speed scanning galvanometer, anti-vibration drive system and crystal laser, which can realize high-precision and high-speed printing. Its minimum layer thickness can reach 0.02mm, and the printing size is 360mm×360mm×300mm. It is suitable for making products in various fields such as boards, figures, toys, casting, fixtures, fixtures, automobiles, medical equipment, and aerospace components. At the same time, this model is also equipped with a one-button operating system, which is easy to operate and maintain, providing users with a convenient 3D printing solution.

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