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Which is better, 3D printed dental crown or traditional dental crown? What are the differences between 3D printed crowns and traditional crowns?
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With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, more and more people have begun to consider using 3D printing technology to manufacture dental crowns. So, what is the difference between a 3D printed dental crown and a traditional dental crown? Which one is better? Let's find out.

Traditional dental crowns are manually carved and manufactured by dental technicians, which require multiple impressions and adjustments, which takes a long time, high cost, and low efficiency. The 3D printed crown is completed through a series of automated processes such as digital scanning of teeth, design and production, and 3D printing. Therefore, compared with traditional dental crowns, 3D printed dental crowns have the following advantages:

more precise

The production process of 3D printed dental crowns is all controlled by computer, which can be accurate to the micron level, and there will be no errors caused by manual operation, so the precision is higher and more precise.


Traditional dental crown production requires multiple impressions and adjustments, and the production cycle lasts for several weeks. The 3D printed crown only needs one digital scanning and one 3D printing molding, and the production cycle is shortened to a few days or even a few hours, which greatly improves the efficiency.

more comfortable

The production process of 3D printed crowns completely avoids manual operation and will not cause additional damage to the teeth. At the same time, the materials used are more comfortable and less likely to cause allergies or discomfort.

In addition to the above advantages, 3D printed crowns can also be customized according to the patient's oral morphology, making the crown fit better and more natural to use.

As a leading 3D printing technology solution provider, HG3D also has excellent products and solutions in 3D printing dental crowns. For example, the LCD 3D printer R3pro and DLP 3D printers G150neo and G150 launched by ACME can be used in the dental industry and can achieve high-precision 3D printing, bringing new breakthroughs in the manufacture of precision devices such as dental crowns. At the same time, ACME software technology and services can also meet the various needs of the dental industry and help users achieve more efficient and accurate dental crown production.

In general, compared with traditional dental crowns, 3D printed dental crowns have the advantages of short production cycle, high precision, and personalized customization. With the continuous development and progress of 3D printing technology, it is believed that 3D printed crowns will play an increasingly important role in the field of dentistry.
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