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The principle and characteristics of industrial light curing 3d printer
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Industrial light-curing 3D printer is a printer that uses photosensitive resin as material and uses light-curing principle for rapid prototyping. The principle is: spray the photosensitive resin layer by layer on the printing platform through a light source such as laser or LED, and then let the light beam irradiate the photosensitive resin at a specific position according to the instructions of the 3D model file, so that it can undergo photocuring reaction, and the liquid The resin is transformed into a solid state and accumulated layer by layer to finally build the 3D printing model.

ACME is a leading 3D printing solution provider in China. Its industrial photocuring 3D printers adopt advanced photocuring technology and are widely used in automotive, medical, aviation and other fields. This article will introduce the principle and characteristics of ACME industrial stereolithography 3D printer in detail.

1. Principle

ACME industrial light-curing 3D printer adopts SLA technology, irradiates liquid photosensitive resin through light source stereolithography, and makes it solidify into a solid model. SLA is the abbreviation of Stereolithography (stereolithography), which is a common 3D printing technology. This technology uses a laser or ultraviolet light source to irradiate a liquid photosensitive resin material, and through photocuring, the material is solidified layer by layer to form the required three-dimensional object. SLA printers generally have the characteristics of high precision and excellent surface quality, and can be used to manufacture high-precision and complex parts, models and prototypes. This technology is widely used in casting, prototype making, automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances, toy applications, education, cultural creation, construction and other fields.

2. Its characteristics mainly include:

High precision: The highest resolution of ACME industrial light-curing 3D printer can reach 0.025mm, which can print fine details and curves.

Large size: The maximum molding size of ACME HI800 industrial light-curing 3D printer is 800x800x500mm, which is suitable for the production of large models and mass production.

Intelligent: ACME industrial light-curing 3D printer adopts automatic control system and touch screen interface, which is easy to operate and can realize intelligent production.

High efficiency: Stereography 3D printers can achieve high-speed printing and can print multiple products at one time, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.

High quality: The surface of the model printed by the industrial light-curing 3D printer is smooth, with high fineness, without post-processing, and can be directly applied in actual production.

Diversity of materials: Light-curing 3D printers can use a variety of different types of photosensitive resins as materials, such as transparent, soft, high-temperature, etc., to meet the needs of different fields and applications.

Low cost: Compared with traditional production methods, light-curing 3D printers can save material and labor costs, and can also quickly produce high-quality products, thereby reducing production costs.

In short, industrial light-curing 3D printers have the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, high quality, material diversity and low cost, and have broad application prospects in manufacturing, medical, education, construction and other fields. ACME industrial light-curing 3D printer adopts advanced SLA technology, which has the characteristics of high precision, large size, high efficiency, intelligence, high stability and multi-material printability. It has become a leading brand in the field of industrial 3D printing, providing industrial manufacturing and design provided.
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