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Naval Aviation University uses 3D printing technology to improve equipment emergency support
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According to the PLA Military Daily, the technical backbone of a battalion at the Naval Aviation University successfully completed a flight support mission by replacing worn parts with parts produced by 3D printing technology. This is a typical application of 3D printing technology in the production of military spare parts.


The use of 3D printing technology


The application of 3D printing technology can effectively improve the emergency support capability of equipment." The brigade leader introduced that the unit guarantee task involves more special equipment and non-standard components. After some non-standard components are damaged, the production is difficult and the ordering cycle is long. With the increase of brigade support tasks in recent years, the problem of emergency support of non-standard components has become prominent, which has become a bottleneck restricting the improvement of equipment support capability.



Facing the problem of equipment emergency support, the brigade actively carries out scientific research and innovation, taking 3D printing technology as the key to solving the problem. They buy large 3D printers, scanners, holographic projectors and other equipment, select technical backbone to build a studio; Organize technical backbone to visit the factory for learning, training and upgrading, and form a link of independent modeling, printing and repair by using 3D printing technology during field demonstration and in-depth communication.


"The use of 3D printing technology to produce devices, fast speed, high precision, effectively improve the level of equipment emergency support." Wang Wei, the squadron leader of the battalion, said that a group of officers and soldiers have joined the studio to explore new ways of equipment emergency support. At present, more than 20 self-designed achievements have been successfully applied in equipment.

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