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Master these practical light curing 3D printing tips to increase your printing success
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Many friends who are new to 3D printing often have a variety of small problems when using 3D printers, resulting in model printing failure or unsatisfactory effect. The main reason is that they are unfamiliar with the equipment or design. In order to reduce detcorners and improve the success rate of printing, Acme 3d has shared a few useful tips for light curing 3D printing to increase your chances of success.


Master these practical light curing 3D printing tips to increase your printing success


1. Supported walls (walls connected to other structures on both sides) shall be at least 0.4 mm thick.


2. Unsupported walls should be at least 6 mm thick and chamfered on the base.


3. If printing without support, any unsupported overhangs should be kept less than 1 mm in length and at least 19° from the horizontal plane.


4, embossed details (including text) should be at least 0.1 mm above the surrounding surface.


5. Engraving details (including text) should be at least 0.4 mm wide and at least 0.4 mm deep.


6. When creating horizontal Bridges, make wide Bridges shorter than narrow ones.


7. The diameter of the hole should be at least 0.5 mm.


8. Leave 0.5 mm gap between moving parts.


9. A gap of 0.2mm is left for component connection.


10. Leave a gap of 0.1mm for tight fit.


Some of the 3D printing skills shared above are very practical, of course, there are many practical skills have not been listed, welcome to 3D printing friends to discuss together.  I will also collect more 3D printing practical skills to share with you, want to know more 3D printing knowledge, please pay attention to us for a long time.


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