Technical Parameter
Technical Parameter
Model R3 PRO (10.1 8K)
Service temperature 10°C ~ 30°C
Relative humidity 30% ~ 90%
Storage temperature 0°C ~ 30°C
Power input 100~240V / AC50~60Hz
Overall power 120W
Print size 218x123x120mm
Print layer thickness 0.025mm~0.1mm
Printing speed Up to 70mm/H (Z axis Max)
Resolving power 7680x4320
Support function One-click automatic generation, editable
File format STL/SCL
Adaptive system Windows 7 and above
Consumable Properties 405nm wavelength photosensitive resin
Machine size 353x341x510mm
Package size 423x408x600mm
Net weight 16kg
Product gross weight 23kg
Industry Application
Free sample application
Free sample application
R3pro is a professional dental 3D printer, which is widely used in the fields of dental mold repair, temporary crown, orthodontics, casting, etc. Welcome to apply for samples for free!
Free application
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