Dental ScannerDental Scanner
Dental Scanner
Technical Parameter
Technical Parameter
sensor 1310000pixel
lens 16mm 1.3mp
Grating Ti 1280LED
turntable Intelligent linkage double-axis turntable
PTZ Magnetic multi-level adjustable clamp
smallest details 0.1mm
Calibration board 10mm Optical Calibration Plate
Multi-angle supplementary scanning support
Group multiple scans support
Multiple scanning support
data interception Plane Adjustable Interception
global registration Global Correction of Mechanical Deviations
Data Format Lossless STL 3D format
open interface Application development interface available
Scanning Accuracy/Speed/Range 0.01mm/0.3s/120mm
Communication Interface/Power USB2.0/12V5A
Feature Matching/Manual Matching Automatic feature matching/manual selection point matching

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