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ACME Cost-Effective Industrial SLA 3D Printer HI600 and HI800
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At present, the industrial-grade SLA 3D printer market has entered a mature application stage. In order to lower the entry threshold for users, equipment manufacturers continue to introduce new machines or business models. If you are looking for a high-performance, high-efficiency, low-cost SLA industrial equipment, ACME HI600 and HI800 are worth considering.

The HI600 and HI800 industrial-grade SLA 3D printers launched by ACME, a brand manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printing equipment, have been affirmed by many users as soon as they came out. In terms of printing space, the maximum molding size of HI600 is 600*600*400mm, and the single-layer typesetting figure model can print 300-600g/h, which is very suitable for medium-sized figure factories. The maximum molding size of HI800 is 800*800*500mm, and the sole model can be printed at 300-600g/h, which can fully meet the research and development needs of new products for medium and large shoe mold manufacturers. In terms of equipment size, these two 3D printers are compact overall, which can greatly save space and can be conveniently placed in laboratories or R&D rooms, and can even be used in office buildings.

ACME HI600 maximum print size

In addition to the advantages in terms of molding size and overall size, ACME HI600 and HI800 devices use custom lasers, beam-changing mirrors, and galvanometers with long service life. The spot size can be changed between 0.12-0.6mm. The maximum scanning speed is recommended to be 6m /s, the maximum production efficiency can reach 300-600g/h. In actual production, a single device can print 2kg-6kg of photosensitive resin materials per day.

ACME HI600 print model

In addition, ACME HI600 and HI800 devices also have a built-in anti-seismic drive system. By adopting special structural design and material selection, the stability and anti-seismic ability of the device are increased, the printing accuracy and quality are improved, and the failure rate of printing and equipment maintenance costs are reduced. user cost.

ACME HI600 and HI800 have built-in high-speed galvanometers. High-speed galvanometers are one of the core components of 3D printers, which can significantly improve printing speed and accuracy, and have a wide range of applications. At the same time, they can also improve equipment reliability.

ACME HI600 and HI800 Industrial SLA 3D Printers

Based on the above technical features, ACME HI600 and HI800 are especially suitable for prototypes, figures, toys, casting, jigs, jigs, automobiles, parts and other fields. While ensuring the printing quality, the ultimate cost performance is also a highlight of the HI600 and HI800 devices. Compared with the opaque prices of SLA 3D printers on the market, these two devices of ACME have clearly marked prices and have obvious cost advantages.
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