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ACME reveals the process of 3D printing prototype model processing
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With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, more and more prototype manufacturing companies have begun to use 3D printing technology to make prototype models. Among them, ACME, as a leading provider of 3D printing solutions in China, has rich experience and technology in the production of prototype models. So, how does ACME realize the processing and production of 3D printing prototype model? Let us reveal the secret below.

Step 1: 3D modeling design

First of all, the customer needs to provide the 3D design drawings of the product, or ACME professional designers will carry out 3D modeling and design according to the customer's requirements. In this step, the designer needs to conduct a detailed analysis and understanding of the product according to the customer's requirements, determine the design plan of the final product, and then use professional 3D modeling software to design the model.

Step 2: 3D printer selection and parameter setting

After determining the model design, ACME engineers will select the appropriate 3D printer and printing parameters according to the material, size, shape and other characteristics of the model. This is a key step to ensure the smooth progress of the 3D printing process. Once the model selection and parameter settings are improper, it will lead to printing failure or poor quality.

Step 3: 3D printer printing

After determining the printing parameters, you can start 3D printing. In this step, engineers need to debug and test the printer to ensure that the printer can work normally and that the printed products meet the customer's requirements.

Step 4: Post-processing

After 3D printing is completed, post-processing is required. It mainly includes the steps of removing support structures, sanding, painting, etc. These steps can improve the surface smoothness and precision of the model, and make the model more beautiful.

Step 5: Quality Inspection and Acceptance

Finally, the post-processed hand model will undergo quality inspection and acceptance. ACME has a series of complete quality control and testing processes to ensure that each product meets customer requirements and standards.

To sum up, ACME has a series of advantages in the processing and production of 3D printing prototype models, including having a professional team of designers and engineers, selecting suitable 3D printers and printing parameters, fine post-processing and perfect quality control
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