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How to do 3d printing custom prototype? What are the production skills of 3D printing custom prototype?
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In the development of manufacturing industry, prototype production is a very important link, which can improve the efficiency and accuracy of product development. The emergence of 3D printing technology has brought a huge change to hand-board production. Custom prototyping is a branch of prototyping. Using 3D printing technology to make custom prototyping can meet higher precision and richer design requirements, and improve production efficiency. This article will introduce the production methods and skills of 3D printing custom prototypes, and also mention the advantages of ACME 3D printing custom prototypes.

一. Manufacturing method of 3D printing custom prototype

1: Determine the design and material of the prototype: Before 3D printing a custom prototype, it is necessary to determine the design and material of the prototype. In terms of design, it is necessary to develop a CAD model according to the requirements, and for the material, it is necessary to select a suitable 3D printing material according to the requirements of the prototype, such as high temperature resistant materials or flexible materials.

2: 3D printing: Select the appropriate 3D printer and printing parameters to perform 3D printing. 3D printers can automatically print according to the design model, or they can be printed manually.

3: Post-processing: Post-processing is required after printing, such as removing support structures, surface grinding, painting, etc.

二. 3D printing custom prototyping skills

1.: Choose the right 3D printer: Different 3D printers have different printing parameters and materials, so you need to choose the right 3D printer.

2: Determine the design requirements: The design requirements of the prototype need to be determined according to the actual needs of the product, such as precision, material, appearance, etc.

3: Select the appropriate material: Selecting the appropriate 3D printing material is the key to making a custom prototype, which needs to be selected according to the actual needs of the prototype and the production requirements.

4: Perform post-processing: After 3D printing a custom prototype, post-processing is required, including removing support structures, surface grinding, painting, etc. These post-processing can improve the appearance quality and precision of the prototype.

三. Advantages of ACME 3D printing custom prototype

ACME is a professional provider of industrial 3D printing equipment and solutions. Its products include various types of 3D printers and 3D printing materials, which are widely used in prototypes, figures, toys, casting, fixtures, fixtures, automobiles and other fields . In terms of 3D printing custom prototypes, ACME has the following advantages:

Various types of 3D printers are available: ACME has a variety of industrial-grade 3D printers, including SLA, LCD, DLP and other types, which can meet the printing needs of different prototypes.

High-precision printing effect: ACME 3D printer has the characteristics of high precision and high stability, and can realize finer and more complex hand-printing.

A variety of applicable materials: ACME provides a variety of materials suitable for hand-printing, such as photosensitive resin, which can meet the needs of hand-printing with different materials and performance requirements.

Fast printing speed: ACME 3D printer has the characteristics of fast printing speed, which can greatly shorten the production cycle of the prototype.

Reliable after-sales service: ACME has a complete after-sales service system, which can provide customers with quick response and timely maintenance.

To sum up, ACME has rich experience and expertise in 3D printing custom prototypes, and can provide customers with high-quality and efficient services.
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