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Uncles born in the 1980s use 3D printers to DIY childhood equipment - cool game console
acme3d |2023-05-12 |return to list
With the continuous development of science and technology, 3D printing technology has penetrated into various fields, including personal DIY manufacturing. Recently, an uncle born in the 1980s used an SLA 3D printer to make a cool Xiaobawang game console, which has attracted widespread attention. The appearance of this game console is very similar to the classic style of the year, but the interior is completely composed of 3D printed parts and electronic components.

The game console is the childhood memory of many post-80s generation, but this discontinued game console is hard to find today. So this uncle born in the 1980s thought of using a 3D printer to build one. He first designed a 3D model of the game console on a computer, and printed all the parts with an ACME 3D printer. He then used hand tools and power tools to assemble the parts, and he ended up with a new device that looked very similar to the Bully.

The uncle said that the game console was his favorite when he was a child, but now the original Xiaobawang is no longer available in the market, so he decided to make one by himself. He used an industrial-grade 3D printer to print out all the components such as the shell and buttons of, and then added electronic components and circuit boards, and finally assembled a game console with exactly the same functions.

This Little Bully game console DIY project demonstrates the flexibility and capabilities of 3D printing technology. ACME 3D printers provide high-precision printing effects and reliable performance, allowing the post-80s uncle to easily complete his own DIY manufacturing projects. Moreover, the use of 3D printers to manufacture products can not only achieve small batch production, but also can be customized and produced according to individual needs, which is very suitable for individuals and small manufacturing enterprises.

The application of ACME 3D printer in printing game machine reflects its advantages of high precision, high stability and multi-material printing. Through 3D printing technology, complex small parts can be manufactured quickly, making DIY easier and more interesting. At the same time, through the printing of different materials, the game console can be made more three-dimensional and more textured, so that the uncles born in the 1980s can relive their childhood memories and feel the convenience and creativity brought by 3D printing technology.

This story fully demonstrates the application potential of 3D printing technology. With SLA 3D printer, we can turn every imagination into reality. Whether it is a personal hobby project such as the production of Xiaobawang game consoles, or the production of various complex industrial products, 3D printing technology has a wide range of application prospects. In short, this uncle born in the 1980s successfully realized his creativity and imagination with ACME 3D printers, which once again proved the great potential and application prospects of 3D printing technology.
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