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What are Industrial 3D Printers and what Types are They?
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Industrial-grade 3D printers are high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-reliability 3D printing equipment, suitable for manufacturing, prototype verification, product design and other applications in the industrial field. Compared with ordinary consumer-grade 3D printers, industrial-grade 3D printers have larger printing space, higher printing speed, more types of printing materials and finer printing accuracy, which can meet the production needs of high-end industrial fields. Industrial-grade 3D printers are used in a wide range of applications, including casting, prototype making, automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances, toy applications, education, cultural creation, construction and other fields, which can greatly reduce production costs and time, and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Industrial 3D printers can be divided into the following types:

SLA 3D printer: It is a 3D printing technology based on the principle of photosensitive resin curing. The full name is StereoLithography Apparatus, that is, stereolithography equipment. It sprays the photosensitive resin liquid through the nozzle, and then scans the photosensitive resin layer by layer through the ultraviolet laser beam, so that the photosensitive resin is cured to form a thin layer, and the process is repeated to gradually stack, and finally form a three-dimensional model.

Compared with other 3D printing technologies, SLA 3D printers have the advantages of fast printing speed, high precision and smooth surface. Therefore, it is widely used in medical, automotive, aerospace and other industrial fields. At the same time, SLA 3D printers are also gradually entering the consumer market, becoming a popular tool in some art design, jewelry and other fields. .

LCD 3D printer: A device that uses a liquid crystal display as a light source and uses light-curing materials for 3D printing. It is irradiated on the liquid photosensitive resin by the ultraviolet LED light source on the LCD screen, so that it is solidified layer by layer into a three-dimensional solid model. Compared with other types of 3D printers, LCD 3D printers have the advantages of fast printing speed, high precision, and good printing quality, so they are widely used in personal makers, product development, medical care, education and other fields.

DLP 3D printer: It is a 3D printer that uses digital light processing technology (Digital Light Processing, DLP). Unlike SLA 3D printers, which use laser beams to cure liquid photosensitive resin layer by layer, DLP 3D printers use projectors to irradiate light curing on the entire layer, so that the entire layer is cured at the same time. This makes DLP 3D printers faster than SLA 3D printers, while also enabling higher resolution printing. DLP 3D printers generally have a longer lifespan and better print quality than LCD 3D printers, but are also usually more expensive. DLP 3D printers are commonly used in the production of jewelry, dental, medical equipment and other industries.

ACME, as a professional 3D printer manufacturer, produces and sells various types of industrial 3D printers. Among them, SLA industrial-grade 3D printers can be used in casting, prototype production, automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances, toy applications, education, cultural creation, construction and other fields, with the characteristics of high precision, high speed, and high stability. At the same time, ACME also produces and sells other types of industrial-grade 3D printers to meet the needs of different fields.

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