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ACME3D Brand Upgrade: Exploring the Summit of Technology, Shaping the Pinnacle of the Industry
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Since its establishment in 2018, HaGo 3D (HRG3D) has established a solid position in the field of industrial-grade 3D printing equipment manufacturing internationally. The company, with stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology as its core, is committed to technical research and development, manufacturing, sales, and providing comprehensive application solutions. Every step of HaGo 3D's pursuit of excellence is solid and firm.

In the wave of innovation in industrial-grade SLA 3D printers, the HaGo 3D (HRG3D) brand has always been at the forefront of technology, driving the development and implementation of 3D printing technology in various industries. Today, we are excited to unveil the new upgrade of our brand identity (ACMEMFG)—a brand new logo inspired by the peaks of mountains, symbolizing the pinnacle of technology and innovation.

Exploring the Summit of Technology, Shaping the Pinnacle of the Industry

The new logo, with its unique mountain image at its center, not only represents the excellence and leadership pursued by ACMEMFG in the field of 3D printing but also pays homage to the most magnificent and challenging peaks in the natural world. This mountain, evolved from the letter "A," not only embodies the initials of the ACMEMFG brand but also symbolizes our constant ascent to the pinnacle of technology and innovation, committed to providing "A-grade" quality products and services.

Design Inspiration: Perfect Fusion of Nature and Technology

Our design team was deeply inspired by the majesty and grandeur of mountains in the natural world, cleverly incorporating this element into ACMEMFG's brand identity. Mountains symbolize toughness, stability, and continuous ascent, which aligns with ACMEMFG's attitude when facing technological challenges. Through meticulous design, we hope to convey ACMEMFG's relentless pursuit of technological innovation and determination to climb new heights in the field of 3D printing.

Color Selection: Combination of Stability and Vitality

In color selection, we have chosen deep black and vibrant orange. Black represents the stability and reliability of ACMEMFG's technology, while orange symbolizes the innovation and vitality of the flame, like the unextinguished sun on the peak, illuminating our path forward. This color combination not only enhances the visual impact of the logo but also reflects ACMEMFG's positive attitude towards the future, full of hope and expectation.

HRG3D's Commitment: Leading the Future with Innovation

With the launch of the new logo, ACMEMFG once again reaffirms our commitment to technological innovation, product quality, and customer service. We believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, ACMEMFG will continue to lead the development of the 3D printing industry, not only meeting the current market demands but also foreseeing and creating future possibilities.

We sincerely invite all partners, customers, and industry colleagues to witness the opening of a new chapter for the ACMEMFG brand. Let's join hands, climb new heights together on the road to exploring unknown technological territories, and create a new era of 3D printing technology. ACMEMFG—always at the peak of technology, creating brilliance together with you.
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