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What are the advantages of 3D printing?
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In Industry 4.0, the application of 3D printing technology in the industrial production process has attracted the participation of many small and medium-sized enterprises, trying to make them become the users and beneficiaries of the new generation of intelligent production technology, as well as the creators and suppliers of advanced industrial production technology. I introduced 3D printing and the principle of 3D printing to you before. Today, Harbin 3D will explain to you the advantages of 3D printing, so that you can understand why so many enterprises are optimistic about 3D printing.

 What are the advantages of 3D printing?


(1) Suitable for rapid manufacturing of complex structures


Compared with traditional machining and die forming, additive manufacturing technology changes three-dimensional solid processing into several two-dimensional plane processing, greatly reducing the complexity of manufacturing. In terms of principle, as long as the structural model is designed on the computer, the technology can be applied to quickly transform the design into reality without cutting tools, molds and complex technological conditions. The manufacturing process has almost nothing to do with the structural complexity of parts, and can realize "free manufacturing", which is incomparable to traditional processing. Additive manufacturing technology can be used to produce complex structures that are difficult to be processed by traditional methods (such as free-form surface blades, complex internal flow channels, etc.) or even impossible to be processed (such as internal building empty structure number), which has a broad application prospect in aerospace, automotive, building tools, biomedicine and other fields.


(2) Suitable for personalized customization


Compared with traditional large-scale and mass production, which requires a large number of technological preparations and a large number of tooling, complex and expensive equipment and tools, 3D printing (additive manufacturing) has great advantages in rapid production and flexibility. It is suitable for personalized customized production such as jewelry, human organs, cultural creativity, small batch production and verification manufacturing before product styling. It can greatly reduce the processing cost of personalized, customized production and innovative design.

3D printed model - Air conditioning vent

(3) Suitable for high value-added product manufacturing


3D printing (additive manufacturing) technology has only been around for more than 20 years, which is very young and immature compared to traditional manufacturing technology. Most existing 3D printing (additive manufacturing) processes have low processing rates (such as volume or weight manufactured per unit time), limited parts processing sizes (up to about 2 meters), and limited material types. They are mainly used for forming single parts, small batch and conventional size manufacturing, and do not have advantages in mass production, large size and micro/nano scale manufacturing. Therefore, additive manufacturing technology is mainly used in aerospace, biomedical and high value-added products such as jewelry, and is mainly used in research and development and design verification before mass production, as well as personalized manufacturing.


The advantages of 3D printing are also required by many enterprises. As a high-tech enterprise of 3D printer equipment production and research and development, Acme3d will focus on the development and comprehensive application of 3D printing technology, and strive to create a 3D printing digital ecosystem. China's 3D printing technology, 3D printer, 3d scanner, 3d printing consumables (photocured resin), 3D scanner and so on to the world.

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