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How much is a 3D printer? How to choose the right 3D printer?
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How much is a 3D printer? It is a concern of many 3D enthusiasts and enterprises. The price of 3D printers on the market ranges from hundreds to hundreds of thousands or even millions of millions. How to choose the right 3D printer? It has become a problem for 3D printing enthusiasts and enterprises who want to start 3D printers. Today, Harbin 3D Xiaobian will tell you about the price of 3D printers and how to choose 3D printers. 

How much is a 3D printer?


How much is a 3D printer? Why is the price of 3D printers ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions of machines, and why is the gap so big? It is estimated that many friends who just understand 3D printing equipment have encountered this situation, because there is no unified standard for the price of 3D printers. Today, I will share with you what are the different factors of the price of 3d printers, so as to facilitate you to estimate how much money is needed for your own 3D printers.


1, the difference in molding technology


3d printers use different forming techniques, different materials, different industries, a lot of different costs, naturally different prices. Currently, desktop printers, such as FdM, have low cost and high sales.



2. Print size


The larger the print size, the higher the price, the FDM printer is the same, the larger the print size, the larger the size of the equipment, of course, the higher the cost of workmanship, so the price is more expensive. In addition, the price of large industrial grade 3D printers ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.



3. Big brands and small manufacturers


The price of equipment with big brand and good after-sales service is often higher. Many customers are beginners of 3d printers, unfamiliar with professional knowledge and operation, and need a lot of support from manufacturers in the later stage. So you are advised to buy big brand complete machine. General large companies will do better after sale, such as Harbin three-dimensional quality assurance service, so that users save a lot of worries.



4, printing accuracy, stability


The higher the accuracy, the higher the success rate and the more stable the performance, the more expensive the 3d printer will be.



How to choose the right 3D printer?

At present, 3D printers in the 3D printing market can be divided into FDM printers, SLA printers, 3DP printers, SLS printers, LOM printers, PCM printers and so on according to different technical principles. Below, I will learn about these 3D printers in the form of comparison so that you can choose the right 3D printer.



FDM 3D printer

FDM printer is also the most popular printer on the market. Almost 60% of FDM printers are being sold this year. FDM printer is rapidly formed by melting deposition, the main materials are ABS and PLA. The advantage is that it is cheap and you can print anything you want. Disadvantages are not high precision, slow printing speed, surface is too rough. Generally speaking, after two years of ups and downs, 3D printing equipment based on FDM technology has gone through the extensive growth period; Desktop-like devices, free from the crudeness of open source hardware and maker fandom, have become much more commoditized and intelligent. Professional devices begin to pay attention to humanization, ease of use, more close to the actual use environment.



SLA 3D printer

Compared with FDM printers, SLA 3D printers have higher printer accuracy, fine and smooth print model contour, which is preferred by enterprises. Due to the high hardware cost, the overall machine cost is high, and the complex slicing software and operation process also need to be responsible for the enterprise special personnel. These high requirements and other factors limit the pace of individual 3D printing enthusiasts. In the past two years, the FDM desktop equipment has driven the craze of desktop level photocurable 3D printers. At present, the industrial-grade SLA photocurable 3D printers have been able to replace the traditional process for small-batch production. Many enterprises have been using SLA 3D printers for product design, research and development, and the production of high-precision parts



SLS 3D printer

The development of SLS 3D printing technology to print multiple materials will extend their scope far beyond the range and possibilities of single-material parts, which are available for most practical parts. SLS 3D printer is mainly used in industrial production and military industry production. This type of printer uses selective laser sintering and the main material is powder material.



DLP 3D printer

DLP 3D printing technology is faster than SLAs of the same type because each layer is cured by slideshow like sheets. DLP technology mainly uses DLP projection, which focuses the entire surface of the laser onto the surface of the 3D-printed material. DLP 3D printer has a better performance in high precision printing, usually with a small color touch screen, multi-language, clear display interface, support USB cable, wi-fi, wired network connection, easy management.



FFF 3D printer

FFF 3D printers generally use high temperature nozzle, can print more high-strength materials, such as: carbon fiber, nylon and other high-performance materials. The whole is an integrated module structure, the drive, transmission, guide and support structure integrated design, a variety of size platform to choose, can better meet the industrial applications.



3DP printer

At present, industrial-grade 3DP printing equipment has been successfully applied in the production of ferrous metal and aluminum alloy castings, which can change the traditional casting manual modeling method, realize the casting process reengineering, significantly improve the production efficiency and sand precision, and has been recognized and highly praised by researchers at home and abroad.

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