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Why are big players in the shoe industry aiming at the 3D printed shoe market?
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In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of global 3D printing technology and the gradual maturity of the application of 3D printing materials in the field of shoe materials, 3D printed sports shoes have become a hot trend. 3D printing materials make shoes, which have the advantages of one-piece molding, personalization, lightweight, and small batch production. Moreover, it is a "recyclable 3D printed shoe product" made after personal data collection, which is 100% customizable, 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable, and highly comfortable, and can be put into processing and use again after recycling. Therefore, big names in the shoe industry have introduced 3D printing equipment one after another, striving to seize the personalized customization market of the shoe industry. Let's take a look at which big names in the shoe industry have already put 3D printed shoes on the market?


When it comes to 3D printed shoes, which brands can you think of? The editor first thought of Peak, and then Adidas, Anta, and Li Ning also launched a casual running shoe with a high configuration. Peak also has a variety of casual shoes on display. It seems that the competition in the 3D printing shoe market is real. fierce.

3D printing technology is very mature, but it has not been particularly successful when applied to shoes. Adidas promoted this technology for the first time, but the midsole is too heavy, the cushioning rebound is average, and the super high price makes it difficult to Few people stay away. This is indeed a relatively "front-end" technology, which highlights the future sense of shoes when used in shoes, but how to use it is a problem.

Peak should be the sports brand that has explored the most in 3D technology. They have launched several 3D printed shoes, including printed midsoles and printed uppers. The new big triangle exposed some time ago is used for uppers. It is 3D printing technology.

Anta exposed a pair of shoes, using 3D printing technology. The midsole of the shoes is 3D printed, and you can see a lot of hollow structures, so the principle is the same as that of Peak and Adidas, which is structural cushioning.


The shape of Anta's midsole is slightly different, the front is low and the back is high, and the thickness is still acceptable. The upper is made of woven materials, and leather and other materials are added to the details. There are still many details, and the overall feeling is not bad. The shape is a bit like Anta's old shoes. I quite like this design.

What are the advantages of 3D printed shoes?

3D printing technology makes the personalized design and small batch production of footwear products possible, making the production process shorter and more flexible. At the same time, it has the advantages of cool shape, light weight, good shock absorption, breathability and deodorization.


What are the advantages of 3D printing in the field of shoemaking?


1. Moldless manufacturing. 3D printing eliminates the need for traditional molds for manufacturing, and the technology can be used to create high-performance athletic shoes more efficiently and quickly.

2. Complex manufacturing. One of the advantages of 3D printing is the manufacture of complex structures of porous grids, which cannot be manufactured by traditional means. This advantage of 3D printing is fully utilized in the field of shoemaking: using lighter materials and lightweight structural design, in There's been a storm in sneaker manufacturing.



3. Personalized manufacturing. Based on the research of biomechanics and gait, people have various personalized needs for footwear, but at present, most of them are new shoes that fit the feet. By integrating advanced technologies such as 3D scanning and imaging into the foot health scanner, and then through 3D printing, "shoes made by measuring feet" can be realized.

4. Reduce design and development time

5. More flexible in the production process

6. Reduce unnecessary inventory

After the above understanding, I believe that you also have a certain understanding of 3D printing shoes. As a manufacturer of 3D printing equipment, Acme 3D has been exploring the application solutions of 3D printing shoe industry. If you are interested in this aspect, welcome everyone to discuss together.

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