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What kind of models can be printed by high-precision DLP of light-curing 3D printers?
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Generally, the printing time used by DLP light-curing 3D printers will be shorter than that of SLA, because it is a full-layer printing. However, in terms of the relative printable area, since DLP is projected The core technology of Texas Instruments, the relative printable area is relatively small.


The z-axis printing accuracy of the DLP light-curing 3D printer can be as high as 0.025mm, while the x-y axis printing accuracy can reach about 0.06, so it can print very fine objects. For example, if you want to make some very small engineering parts, the FDM 3D printer may not be able to print. At this time, DLP light curing 3D printer can be used.


In addition to engineering parts, DLP light-curing 3D printers are also used in the jewelry industry. Due to the relatively small size of DLP 3D printers at present, the company can easily set up one by itself, which can effectively prevent the company's jewelry design drawings or drawings from leaking during product development. If there is a 3D printer in the company, as long as the designer has finished designing the 3D model of the jewelry, it can be printed. Some DLP 3D printers are able to print resin wax for casting molds. This resin wax leaves very little residue after burning, which can greatly improve the smoothness of the jewelry produced.


There are also some DLP light-curing 3D printers suitable for printing medical models. For example, printing dental models or using biocompatible resin materials, printing hearing aids, etc.

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