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Acme five core technologies, industrial grade 3d printing efficiency doubled!
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Acme 3D printer with high performance, high intelligence, high efficiency, high appearance level and high cost performance, quickly won the favor of users. In the field of 3D printing, Acme 3D has attracted more and more attention through continuous innovation of technology and control of details, striving for perfection and constantly meeting and exceeding users' expectations!

Acme Industrial grade 3d printer H360

Harbin five core technology, industrial grade 3d printer efficiency double!


1. Intelligent spot variable power scanning system is adopted, advanced graphics processing algorithm is used to optimize the scanning path, and the printing speed of the same type of spot variable printer is improved by 20%~100%.


2. Support rapid batch import of print data, online adjustment of parts position, support multi-part stitching type automatic typesetting, improve printing efficiency.


3, can be based on different resin materials, different thickness of the process parameter library, easy to switch management, improve printing efficiency.


4, advanced intelligent vacuum adsorption system, coating uniform and reliable, improve the model surface accuracy.


5, the use of high quality solid laser, stable and reliable, high power, faster molding speed.

Acme Industrial grade 3d printer HI800

Acme industrial light curing 3D printer HI-600, HI-600N, HI-800 and medical light curing 3D printer HM-600 all adopt light curing rapid prototyping process (SLA), which is a very mature and widely used 3D printing process in the world at present. It is photosensitive resin as raw material, through the computer control UV laser scanning to make its solidification. This method can produce the prototype with high surface quality, dimensional accuracy and complex geometry simply, efficiently and automatically.


Hagong 3D has been trying to build a good at learning, innovation, technology leading, cooperation team, to create a high quality, efficient business environment, so that employees and enterprises grow together. Hagong 3D vision is to become an influential 3D printing company in the industry, and will continue to work towards this goal, keep moving forward!


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