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Do you choose 3D printing or CNC to manufacture product prototypes?
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3D printing and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling are two prototyping processes to consider when prototyping a product to support product development, so what should you do when it comes to specific applications, especially when designs and product specifications are yet to be finalized? How to choose between these two processes? Combined with specific cases, we can understand the characteristics of the two processes.


3D printing process advantages:

1. Complex geometries can be manufactured without the use of molds, without impacting time or cost. It allows users to quickly deliver small batches of parts and to adapt to design changes with flexibility and agility.

2. Support parallel parts processing process to save time. Users can produce multiple parts within a single project, multiple versions of a single part, or multiple parts for different projects.

3. Eliminates the need to use multiple setups to manufacture parts and requires no operator supervision or intervention. After starting a job, the equipment runs until the part is finished.



Quality characteristics:

1. Materials. The 3D printing process as a whole can handle a wide range of material categories, but each technology can only handle one type of material, covering a small number of materials in the corresponding category. CNCs can machine a wide variety of materials, each of which contains many options, limited only by whether the material can be machined.

2. Material properties. After CNC machining, the resulting prototype had almost the same mechanical properties as the raw material. After 3D printing, the prototype performed similarly to the raw material. Also consider that 3D printed parts are often anisotropic due to the layered nature of the process.

3. The CNC process tolerance is smaller.

4. The surface finish of CNC is better.

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