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3D printing solutions for dental industry
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Orthodontic dental model
Improve patient experience and your business with digital dentistry. No longer waste time, materials or storage space. Even the smallest laboratory can now directly scan from mouth to internal production through a seamless digital workflow. Shorten the delivery time of several days to produce more accurate, more comfortable and more effective appliances. Use the Acme R3 PRO dental 3D printer to turn your laboratory into a production room for invisible braces. provide a perfect fit in a shorter time.

Casting dental mold
The manufacturing process of casting chromium dentures with 3D printing and casting dental mold resin is mainstream. Manufacturing removable partial dentures is traditionally labor-intensive, but 3D printing reduces the labor and cost of each part and improves the productivity of reliable models. Our solutions are integrated with leading in mouth scanners and software to ensure predictable and repeatable results and

Surgical guide plate
The 3D printed dental guide plate can make the best decision for each operation and improve the treatment effect of patients. Reproduce real conditions, produce customized tools, and improve surgical planning, so as to minimize the discomfort of patients and speed up recovery. With very precise details and smooth surfaces, we can produce specific models and final oral fixtures for patients, so as to achieve better surgical results.

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