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Dental 3D printer has become an indispensable basic equipment for digital dental technology!
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Since the comprehensive popularization of smart phones in China, a variety of supporting technologies have been developing rapidly in an all-round way. All kinds of emerging technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, are changing people's lives. Among them, among so many emerging technologies, people are generally concerned about the development of medical technology. After all, people always get sick. The more advanced technology is, the more diseases can wait for more effective and faster treatment. Among them, the oral medicine industry is greatly affected by science and technology.

With the support of a variety of digital technologies and intelligent equipment, oral medicine in China is at the beginning of a "revolution". Oral medicine industry is in the forefront of clinical application of digital technology due to its large number of patients, high penetration rate, private ownership and relatively low risk. Among them, dentistry will first form an artificial intelligence industry chain in the future, so as to integrate oral scanning data, large CT machine data, dental model data, treatment data, etc. into a large data platform, turn treatment technology into logic, and then into algorithms. Whether it is repair, orthodontics, implant, facial beauty, it can be done instantly through a Dental 3D printer. It is not difficult to find that no matter what data is, a corresponding device is required to convert it into real objects. Therefore, Dental 3D printers have become the best choice in the dental field. So why does Dental 3D printer become the best choice in dental field?

First, the Dental 3D printer can print the guide plate for dental surgery to help doctors operate accurately, and can also be used to print the abutment for implant surgery, the internal crown of porcelain fused to metal teeth, the metal plate bracket for movable dentures, and so on.

Second: One of the major applications of Dental 3D printing technology in the oral field is that there is no need to reverse copy the mold, and the printing error is very small, so the upper and lower jaw occlusion after dental implantation and repair is very consistent, and there will be no problem of weak mastication.

Third: The customized dental implant with Dental 3D printing technology can directly print the same implant according to the shape of the patient's tooth root, and then put it directly after the tooth is extracted to achieve immediate implant effect.

It can be said that the use of 3D printers in the field of dentistry can not only better help dentists customize medical plans for each different patient, but also better solve the patient's dental problems
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